Spellweaver REVIEW for PC

Spellweaver REVIEW for PC

This is Gaming Cypher’s PC review for Spellweaver, the free to play collectible card game by developer Dream Reactor,

Right off the bat, I noticed and appreciated Spellweaver’s gorgeous Trading Card artwork. The game consists of two independent players whose purpose is to assemble decks of cards in order to fight their enemies. The different cards consist of damage-inducing Spells, attacking Creatures, Enhancements, Artifacts and various Items. Spellweaver works by each player taking a turn drawing the new cards and then utilizing them to attack their opponents.

The player earns new cards by using and paying for them with resource cards. You will find these resource cards splattered throughout the game, which, in turn, lets you build a nice deck. I especially liked the fact that players receive a starter deck of your choice free of charge. You gain more decks of cards as they get unlocked every five player levels. A real pro is that you can craft cards. You can also pay for new cards with in-game gold, which you earn by going on quests.

Another big gameplay plus is that your cards can only attack or be attacked by other cards that are same speed or slower. When it’s your turn, you will have the ability to replace one  of your cards with a chance to look at top 5 cards to get shrine.

Spellweaver REVIEW for PC

Spellweaver has several game modes consisting of:

  • AI
  • Friendly
  • Ranked Ladder
  • Tournaments
  • Trials

Now the cons – the biggest issue seems to be that several players found a tutorial bug and complained that it wasn’t comprehensive enough. Some players stated that they were booted off the server several times during gameplay (this did not happen to me).

Spellweaver REVIEW for PC

Spellweaver Features:

  • Hero Skills – 18 different heroes are available, each with their own unique ability. Additionally, each hero can equip 2 additional skills during play, allowing the creation of thousands of different hero combinations.

  • 6 Aspects (Colors) To Mix – Freely mix your hero’s aspect with the 5 others for a wide variety of deck combinations. Elves with undead, wizards and priests, the possibilities are nearly endless.

  • Creature Speed – Creatures are comprised of 3 attack stats instead of just two. Health and Damage, as you’d find in most other games, but alsoSpeed. Creatures with higher speed can not be blocked by creatures with lower speed, but as a result tend to have weaker stats or higher costs. It is important for a competitive deck to have a solution to both high and low speed enemies!

  • Support Line – Combat in Spellweaver primarily takes place on the front line of the playing field. However, each player has a support line in front of them as well. The support line creatures cannot attack without a special ability, but are also immune to creatures attacking them. Dealing with dangers on the support line is another important principle for competitive play!

  • World Map & Quests – Spellweaver is a free to play game with a generous supply of daily quests and rewards to earn. The team strongly believes in allowing a dedicated player the opportunity to earn enough money and cards to create any competitive deck they want. Payment may get you there faster, but with plenty of AI enemies and friendly matches to play, there’s no shortage of ways to earn your deck the hard way.

  • Built in Tournaments – With multiple different tournament styles, each with their own unique sets of challenges, there’s no end to the challenges and triumphs you can experience. Some tournaments are free, others require tickets, which can be earned via quests or purchased. Fame, glory, and cosmetic upgrades await the victors!

Here is the Spellweaver developers video:

Our recommendation is a BUY and we give Spellweaver a 4.5 / 5

Spellweaver, the free to play collectible card game, is now available on Steam.