Spellweaver Masters 1st Champion is Peacekeepr

Spellweaver Masters 1st Champion is Peacekeepr

The first Spellweaver Masters Championship Final was successfully held on 05.06.2016!

It was won by the rising Spellweaver star William Speers a.k.a Peacekeepr! He dominated all of the four rounds and took home $860 out of the


$2866 prize pool


The first Masters Championship Final matched together the best Spellweaver players in recent times, while some famous guests joined in for the thrill of the battle. There were 10 Golden Tickets won via the May Monthly Rating Race (ssslock, PewQ, wh1sp, Lirysse, Jotto, Lorenthiel, _KK_, IcePunk, JohnnyV, Cruel_Tek) and 3 Golden Tickets were acquired trough Qualifier tournaments (Peacekeepr, Belarion, Balduin). 3 Wildcards were given to famous and exciting card game players that also competed in Spellweaver PIONEERS (AKAWonder, Xixo, MrScottyMac).

Peacekeepr, one of the chief culprits for the state of the current meta, played with a lot of confidence and skill and deservedly won the 1st place. JohnyV and IcePunk were the pleasant surprises and impressed with their performances, while fans’ favorite Jotto was let down by his OTH deck. Special mention goes to ssslock who undoubtedly brought up the most interesting decks in the tournament. Hearthstone champion AKAWonder played really well but had a terrible stroke of bad luck, while Magic: the Gathering celebrity MrScottyMac was able to gain an honorable win at the end. Xixo did the same as well, after he had to forfeit the first two rounds because of bad scheduling.

You can see player’s decklists HERE.

Here are the final standings:


4 points – Peacekeepr / $860

3 points – JohnnyV, PewQ, Cru$el_TeK, IcePunk / $287

2 points – Jotto, _KK_, wh1sp, ssslock, Balduin, Lirysse / $144

1 point – Xixo, Lorenthiel, MrScottyMac, Belarion

0 points – AKAWonder


And here are the brackets with videos included where available (videos coming soon – watch the recorded stream until then):

  • Round 1
Lorenthiel vs. Belarion 2-0
PewQ vs. Balduin 2-0
Peacekeepr vs. MrScottyMac 2-0
Xixo vs. JohnnyV 0-2
cePunk vs. wh1sp 2-1
Cruel_TeK vs. _KK_ 0-2
Jotto vs. Lirysse 2-1

  • Round 2
 _KK_ vs. Peacekeepr 1-2
IcePunk  vs. Jotto 1-2
wh1sp vs. Lirysse 2-1
Belarion vs. MrScottyMac 2-0
Xixo vs. Cruel_TeK 0-2
AKAWonder vs. Balduin 1-2

  • Round 3
_KK_ vs. PewQ 0-2
Lorenthiel vs. IcePunk  1-2
wh1sp vs. Cruel_TeK 0-2
Belarion vs. Balduin 1-2
Lirysse vs. AKAWonder 2-0
MrScottyMac vs. Xixo 0-2

  • Round 4
PewQ vs. Jotto 2-1
ssslock vs. IcePunk 0-2
Balduin vs. Cruel_TeK 0-2
_KK_ vs. Xixo 2-1
Lorenthiel vs. wh1sp 0-2
Lirysse vs. Belarion 2-1
AKAWonder vs. MrScottyMac 1-2


The event was followed live by more than 3000 people (Twitch.tv and douyu.com). As always, the official hosts The Fuzz and Boltor did a good job with covering the spectacle. The dev team is very happy with the outcome and everybody agrees the first Masters Championship Final was a great kick off for the young Spellweaver eSports scene.

Make sure you join in next month’s battle for the throne of Spellweaver!

You can download Spellweaver for PC on Steam.

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