SpeedRunners New Update Details

tinyBuild Games has announced the new update details for SpeedRunners.

SpeedRunners New Update Details

Biggest SpeedRunners Update To Date

Today tinyBuild Games released r40, the biggest SpeedRunners content update to date. The discussion about this update has been going on for months on the forums. The developer felt like SpeedRunners was missing long-term goals, and was getting overwhelming with the amount of content.

Ranked is now locked for new players

They also didn’t want players to join ranked without understand the game’s mechanics in-depth, and learning the maps.

Add the increasing amount of designed characters, and there was a problem. The solution was to create an XP System. Now new players will start off with most of the content locked, including weapons, characters, and maps. Ranked will also be locked until Level 5.

You level up and unlock content gradually

As you level up, you will unlock all this content, and more. The idea is to have a full story unfold as you level up, told through comic books. These will come in later.

Today’s update is a first pass on the XP System, so things may get tweaked. Existing players who want to try to level up from Level 0 now can erase their progress in the options menu. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of new stuff added to the game.

SpeedRunners New Update Details

Introducing the Biggest Update To SpeedRunners yet, 50 new characters and an XP system!

  • Added 50 new character skins including secret characters, a bulldog detective, and more
  • A new XP system creates an unlocks experience. People now gradually unlock content.
  • SpeedRunners is now building up towards a story-driven unlocks system, where players unlock both new content, and snippets of the story through comic books
  • SpeedRunners is getting a price increase on June 1st to $15
  • Increased daily players by 50% overnight

Price Increase Coming June 1st

In line with this huge content update, the developer will also be increasing the price of SpeedRunners to $14.99 on June 1st.

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