SpeedRunners Gets Free Offline Party Mode

Developer tinyBuild announced that SpeedRunners received a free offline Party Mode.

SpeedRunners – the cut-throat competitive platformer – introduces an Offline Party Mode that’s positioned as a free demo. The demo is a full local multiplayer game, wrapped in a party-friendly package.

Unlike the paid version of SpeedRunners, the demo focuses solely on a local multiplayer party experience. There are no setups, no selection of characters or maps, and the game runs itself.

It’s very similar to the “Show Build” we use for PAX, Gamescom, and EGX. Very important to make sure people can pick up a controller and instalty play, which can get tedious with multiplayer games. Here’s how it works:

  • Launch game, press PLAY GAME
  • 4 bots spawn, start running around the map
  • Any player can press a button on their controller to join, take control over a bot
  • If a player is afk, bots take control back
  • Maps auto-rotate between  SS Royale, Alley, and Theme Park
  • Literally pick up and play
  • Perfect for any multiplayer party setting
The demo is available now on Steam.

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Source: Press Release