Space Overlords Reveals Kebak

Space Overlords Reveals Kebak

Publisher Excalibur and developer 12 Hit Combo have announced that Space Overlords will launch in just over a month on Steam and also as a boxed PC release at retail. Over the next few weeks the developer will be sharing more information on the core game play elements and will also be looking to share some new details on the development process.

Born in the depths of the eternal magma where heat dominates and crushes anything that may hold it back, Kebak ‘Aran carries an essence of the universe within him. While he is often recognised as a lone wolf, often avoiding his Overlord brothers to seek solace and follow the rules of the ancients that granted him the power that he now possesses.

A true master in the art of combat balancing the gift of agility matched with true strength, the power that lies behind him makes a phenomenal force that not one would dare to combat. As a master of flame and heat, he can generate immeasurable levels of heat and direct its power to crush anything that would dare oppose reign of destruction. Faced with any structure, the supremacy with which he commands his power will make the obstacle turn to rubble and ash.

Space Overlords Reveals Kebak

Might another Overload stand in his path a true show of annihilation will be witnessed, as Kebak ‘Aran will skilfully, quickly and decisively tackle his opponent. His foe will become no more than another pile of smouldering ash left in Kebak ‘Aran’s wake. Another useful tool in his arsenal is his ability to dash, although he may be agile and hold a great command over his quick movement he lacks the power to move far when he dodges so it must be used sparingly and with great effect.

Due to his weight any object in his short dash range will become mere dust as he ducks from danger. In many ways this represent Kebak ‘Aran’s ability to make even his defensive manoeuvres a strong form of attack Kebak’s mighty power is a two time fireball strike that sends a wave after wave of destruction pulsating out from the source. It can be used as a mid to long range attack against buildings, rocks and other enemies to lessen them to nothing but a mere shadow of what they were.

Space Overlords Reveals Kebak

Kebak’s Bio:

  • Signature move – Double Fireblast Cannon
  • Affinity – Fire
  • AGI – 3
  • STR – 4
  • SUPER – 2

Take a look at the Space Overlords Kebak trailer:

Space Overlords will release for PC on Steam mid-February 2016 and for PS4, PS3 & PS Vita late April 2016.

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