In Space We Brawl Reveals the Monolith

Developer Forge Reply has revealed the Monolith, the “average ship for newcomers” for In Space We Brawl.

Here is what they had to say about it:

You probably already know that In Space We Brawl features 11 different spaceships. Starting this week, we will publish a series of blog post dedicated to the various vessels, just to explain their stats, differences and skills.

Monolith banner

The first one is obviously the Monolith, the signature spaceship of the game that is displayed also in the logo.

Monolith stats values

Monolith is a pretty average ship, with medium speed and low acceleration.

It’s the perfect choice for newcomers, because its life is not bad and it can resist medium impacts, thanks to its mass.

The downsides are the small reserve of energy that can be used for the special weapon, shield and boost, and the boost itself, that could make it tricky to flee from a deadly space hazard.

We spent a lot of time balancing the Monolith, because we wanted to add to the game an average ship but not a poor one.

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Source: Official Website