South Park in Oculus Rift Video

Production company Tool decided to re-create South Park in 3D using Oculus Rift.

Last month, Tool used the Oculus tech to create a 3D version of the town users could view through the eyes of a South Park citizen walking the city streets.

South Park in Oculus Rift Video

The website states,

“Taking inspiration from other renditions of the city of South Park, such as the most recent video game “Stick of Truth” and the season 17 show intro, we felt that a combination of flat cutout characters and more dimensional paper-textured buildings was the way to go.”

“We began work modeling the buildings of the city in Cinema 4D and laying out a rough version with placeholders in Unity.”

In addition, the company created an Easter egg that allows the user to fall into a tunnel to hell upon walking through the South Park church doors. There, users can find Saddam Hussein next to Satan and he will take you back to South Park.

“We loved this doodle of an experiment. Every aspect of the project gave us amusement: Recalling and reminiscing on favorite moments in the show’s history, going through our long forgotten DVD sets (yes some of us still have optical drives) to research these moments, modeling the buildings, setting the environment, and creating our own avatars,” the firm stated.

“Our hope is that you enjoy exploring and rediscovering your love for this amazing show as much as we did creating.”

Take a look at the South Park video in Oculus Rift view:

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Source: Wired