South Korea Politicians Call for Strict Regulation of Video Games, Drugs and Alcohol

South Korean politician, Shin Eui-jin, argued in a proposed bill that stipulated alcohol, online games, gambling and drugs need to be strictly regulated due to their addictive nature.

Shin Eui-jin, who is a former medical professor, is a member of the conservative Saenuri Party. He is currently backed by 14 other representatives in her call for this new legislation.

The Korean gaming industry struck back by stating that “It is regretful that the government views games in the same category as drugs and gambling. The previous administration viewed games negatively, and it’s the same with the current administration. They are talking about a creative economy and yet are constantly trying to regulate one of leading industry for content business.”

According to Korean game site Gamemeca, the bill contains questionable language such as, “The governing body shall have the right to regulate manufacturing, distribution and sale of addictive substances and can also limit promotion of them as well.”

What are your thoughts about mixing politics and video gaming?