Soul Sacrifice Famitsu Review

Soul Sacrifice Famitsu review: 10/9/9/9

  • Over 300 types of magic with a deep crafting system. 
  • About 25 hours to complete story on single player, multiplayer content expands this to several hundred hours.
  • Superb storytelling through the grimoire system and its journal entries. 
  • Story is quite moving and definitely worth the time to experience. -Huge variation of spells makes for extremely deep tactical multiplayer experience. 
  • Team work and role assignment in multiplayer has immense potential. 
  • Dying and being sacrificed is still fun and does not affect rewards. 
  • Being able to continue fighting even when dead is extremely welcome feature. 
  • The dark fantasy theme is well portrayed and written, although it may be too dark for some people’s taste. 
  • Difficulty level is very high, but the high speed action is extremely fun and rewarding to learn. 
  • Salvation and Sacrifice system adds surprisingly profound and meaningful choice to the game. -It might be “another hunting game” but it is overflowing with originality. 
  • Single player is fun in its own right, but multiplayer is where the game really shines. The more the merrier!

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