SOUL HUNTERS Mobile RPG is Top Ranked Game on Russian App Store

SOUL HUNTERS Mobile RPG is Top Ranked Game on Russian App Store

SHANGHAI /PRNewswire/ — Mobile RPG Soul Hunters, which is designed and released by China famous game publisher Lilith, ranked top place on Russian App Store game section and 5th on the total list on May 15.

Soul Hunters is a mobile action/strategy RPG card battle game where players could battle a fantastic array of enemies through collecting, training, and upgrading different cartoon-style heroes. The game was initially launched in mainland China in March 2014, and quickly jumped into Top 10 on iTunes China App Store top-grossing titles.

In May 2016, Lilith joined hands with world-renowned game developer Ubisoft to strengthen its position and to seek further outreach outside China. Ubisoft’s popular character Ezio Auditore from top franchise Assassin’s Creed joins Soul Hunters as a seven-star Card Character with unique damage skills. The cooperation became a powerful motivator for Lilith’s global development, and a key to Soul Hunters’ outstanding performance in mature markets such as the United States.

Commenting on the collaboration, Xinwen Wang, CEO of Lilith, said,

“Focusing on developing revolutionary games, Lilith firstly created the ‘action hero-collection’ game in Asia and now it has become a world famous game style. Cooperating with Ubisoft is a brand new attempt to us, bringing us the challenge of blending different game styles and characters of various backgrounds. Seeing from the feedback so far, the new game is very successful. We expect to pursue greater innovation, and to bring our users more distinctive and playable games in future.”

Lilith started its global expansion since late 2014, currently the Soul Hunters is available in 124 countries and regions. Ranked top 100 in various App Store charts, the game is highly welcomed in the US, Canada, UK, Japan& South Korea, and has been recommended by App Store South Africa.

Lilith has built up release team in South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, North America, HK, Macau, and Taiwan since late 2014, and will put its emphasis on seeking global strategic partners.

You can download Soul Hunters on the App Store and Google Play.

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