Son of Nor Has a Major Content Update

bitComposer Games and Indie developer StillAlive Studios have announced a major content update for upcoming third person action-adventure game, Son of Nor.

Available on Steam Early Access for PC, Mac and Linux, Son of Nor is notable for its unique terraforming and telekinesis weapon system, which can be combined by the player to solve various puzzles and defeat enemies, allowing for a new level of creativity in gameplay. Largely taking community feedback into consideration, the newest update brings several level overworks, including close combat improvements, more side quests, three new levels, customization option for vanity items, Proving Grounds mode update and EPOC Emotiv support.

Son of Nor Has a Major Content Update

Son of Nor is set in Noshrac, a world inhabited by a minority of human survivors that must protect the human race against ultimate extinction from an evil enemy from the past, the hostile lizard-like creatures Sarahul. Left behind by ancient Gods in a legacy of conflict, players embark on a treacherous journey learning to create offensive and defensive spells by harnessing long-forgotten magical powers: fire, wind and essence. Cornered in The Edge, the last human resort in a vast desert world, players begin with the abilities granted by the goddess Nor, telekinesis and terraforming, that help to gain access to new and mysterious powers, fight through enemy territory and solve intricate puzzles in their journey. In addition, Son of Nor ’s dynamic game world features up to four-player multiplayer via Steam Matchmaking, two-player co-op in local split screen or regular single-player mode.

November Update Features:

●      Several level overworks and community feedback integration – As per community request the abilities of the player to fight in close-combat situations has been improved so the entire combat feels more polished and smooth.

●      More Sidequests in several levels!

●      Level: Taro A – A city frozen in time by a powerful spell, haunted by lots of ghosts and interesting puzzle situations to solve.

●      Level: Taro B – Players encounter the most powerful female mage in the game “Orare”.

●      Level: Future Edge – The level is set during a big invasion of the human hometown, which players desperately try to defend. At that point players already have all the powers (wind, fire and essence) and are as powerful as they can be!

●      New Customization Option: Vanity Items (connected to collectibles) – Players can now receive decorational items that do not influence gameplay, such as bracelets, pouches, shoulder gear and the like.

●      Proving Grounds Update – Collectibles now unlock the ability to spawn enemies in the proving grounds.

●      EPOC Emotiv support available.

You can download Son of Nor for $14.99 (sale ends November 20) on Steam Early Access.

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Source: Press Release and Official Website