SOMA Gets Creepy New Trailer

Frictional Games has released a very creepy trailer for its horror game, SOMA.

Here is what the developer had to say about SOMA,

“SOMA is meant to explore deep subjects such as consciousness and the nature of existence. We could have done this with cutscenes and long conversations, but we chose not to. We want players to become immersed in these thematics, and the discussions to emerge from within themselves.”

“It feels wrong to just shove information down the player’s throat. What I find so exciting about having these thematics in a game is that the player is an active participant. There are plenty of books and movies that cover these sort of subjects, but videogames provide a personal involvement that other mediums lack. We want to explore this to the fullest degree.”

Frictional Games added,

“This means that we will let players do stupid things even if they might break the experience a bit. For instance, if they skip talking to a character with important information then they are on their own after that. And if they get hints that a dangerous creature is approaching, they need to figure out that hiding is the best course of action by themselves.

“While we do our utmost to make the narrative unfold in a fluent and intuitive way, we will not cater to players that make irrational decisions. The environment is set up to be taken seriously and we expect the players to do so too.”

You can view the latest SOMA video below:

You can also check out the SOMA debut trailer and screenshots as well as the Mockingbird Trailer.

What are your thoughts about SOMA, that will be coming to PC and PS4?