Soda Drinker Pro Mobile Edition Added to Humble Mobile Bundle 7

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher, Soda Drinker Pro creator, Will Brierly announced that the game is now available with the Humble Mobile Bundle 7!

Soda Drinker Pro Mobile Edition Added to Humble Mobile Bundle 7

This new app has a huge update that contains full Google Cardboard integration, allowing players to drink the refreshing virtual Sodas on the go with their Android device and a Google Cardboard VR headset.

“Pizza and Soda are a perfect combination, so we were thinking this is a great match!  You can order a pizza and then cut the box into your own custom VR headset and experience the detailed and immersive worlds of Soda Drinker Pro!.”

–  Will Brierly – Soda Drinker Pro Creator

The team at Soda Drinker Pro headquarters is also currently working on a custom made cardboard headset that allows the player to attach an actual Soda to their VR headset while drinking a virtual Sodadeepening the already immersive experience.  This headset is currently in development but when it’s released it will be available via

You can see the app’s trailer below:

This new update also features improved augmented reality Soda drinking, allowing the player to drink a virtual Soda in any location they want in the real world.  You can also share your Soda drinking experiences with the world via the social functions inside the app.  Now you can take pictures of your food and post them to the internet while drinking a simulated Soda at the same time!

Soda Drinker Pro Mobile Edition also contains 25 classic Soda simulations with fine-tuned Soda physics that allow the player to experience the act of drinking a Soda on a deeper level never before possible on mobile devices.

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Source: Official Website