Soda Drinker Pro Launches on FDA Class I Medical Device

Soda Drinker Pro Launches on FDA Class I Medical Device

Developer Will Brierly has announced that FPS (First Person Soda) simulation Soda Drinker Pro has just launched for the FDA Class I medical device MyoPro.

The MyoPro is a myoelectric limb orthosis is a powered brace that supports a weakened and deformed arm for functional use. In addition, the MyoPro can reinitiate movement of a partially paralyzed arm to enhance function and quality of life. It is designed for individuals with stroke, MS, ALS, brain & spinal cord injury and other neuromuscular disorders.

Some key points about Myomo:

  • It’s an MIT spinout from the lab of Professor Woodie Flowers (who co-founded US FIRST robotics competition) at the School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Myomo’s mission is to enable individuals to overcome their paralysis by providing innovative, myoelectric orthotics and support services
  • MyoPro is a custom fabricated powered brace for the arm that uses a non-invasive brain/machine interface to help people regain control of their arm
  • It’s the first to bring a lightweight solution to market that helps people return to work and live safely at home
  • People who need this product have often suffered a workplace related nerve trauma, a stroke, or in the case of wounded warriors a battlefield injury.

How this all came about:

  • Myomo had a problem: their users were not trained well enough on how to operate their new brace by the time they showed up for Occupational Training appointments

  • They recruited a game developer Sean Halloran (who is also the 2015 Pax East Omegathon Champion!) from WPI to develop games for training users

  • At Myomo, Sean made arcade style games like Bounce and MyoSpace, a pong like game and a space shooter, that made training fun, but MyoPro users wanted more games!

  • With the power of the CIC/Kendall Square to connect people, Sean introduced Myomo to Will and Soda Drinker Pro

  • With Will’s help Sean Halloran developed a port of Soda Drinker Pro specifically for their users

  • MyoPro users are now refreshed by virtual soda and well trained

  • Myomo happily endorse digital soda

Take a look at the gameplay video:

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Source: Press Release