Soccer Manager 2016 Players Love the Realistic Game

Soccer Manager 2016 Players Love the Realistic Game

For players who take their football seriously and thrive on realism and strategy, Soccer Manager 2016 serves as the go-to game of choice. Soccer Manager 2016’s dedicated daily community has testified with an unwavering love of the game as their number one choice in realistic, tactically challenging, and dynamic soccer management.

“What fascinated me about the game was the realistic game play which I had never experienced before in any football manager game I had played previously.” –Ayo Isaiah

“It feels like a confession to say it, but myself and a group of young men have been playing SM for at least three years now and none of us can imagine life without it.” —Ross Crae

“And the thing with this game is that you put so much time and energy in it, that over time you form a bond with your digital club. So much that it brings out your real emotions when you win, lose or sign your favorite player.” –Irwin Benito Maatrijk

The most diverse free-to-play football management simulator on the market, Soccer Manager 2016 gives football fans the ability to take on a top flight club and test their management skills against the greatest, or to build a team up from scratch to become the best of the best. Now, for the first time in any football sim, players can hit the pitch in both a single- and multiplayer modes in one game, each of which deliver the deep, skill-based, and incredibly satisfying feeling of steering your own team to victory.

Players can manage and monitor their team’s performance in a reactive 2D live-match environment using real-world and real-time tactics and strategies. Using Soccer Manager’s unique X-Platform technology, players have the ability to save their game on one system and seamlessly pick it up on another. The dedicated Soccer Management 2016 team constantly adds new leagues and competitions to make sure gameplay is kept fresh and exciting. Localized in 35 countries, using updated squads and leagues from across the world.

About Soccer Manager Ltd

Founded in October 2004 by Andrew Gore, his brothers Steven and Chris and Peter Adams, Soccer Manager Ltd. is a UK based videogame studio developing online games for browser, mobile and tablets. The company’s mission to provide the world’s best football management game with no barriers to entry resulted in the creation of Soccer Manager Worlds, with English Championship 1 releasing in August 2005. Soccer Manager Worlds is a tense, turn-based multiplayer contest that pits manager against manager and has over 10 million registered players. Soccer Manager Ltd.’s next project, Soccer Manager 2015, launched in February 2015 and is a fast paced single player version of the original title.

Here is the Soccer Manager 2016 official trailer:

You can begin your Soccer Manager 2016 career on PC, App Store and Google Play.