SNAKEBYTE Announces Subscription-based GameStore for Android

SNAKEBYTE Announces Subscription-based GameStore for Android

Constantly Updated Catalog Offers Something for Everyone with No Contract, No Adverts and No In-App Purchases

San Diego, CA – June 14th, 2017 – snakebyte group, leading innovators of consumer electronics hardware, announced today GameStore for Android, a new subscription based digital store offering gamers a unique opportunity to enjoy hundreds of games across multiple devices for under five dollars a month.

Expected to launch in 2017, GameStore is easily installed on any Android device and costs just $4.99 per month (Euro costs TBC). Gamers can try the service for free, enjoying fifteen days of play before committing to buy. With no contract to tie them in, gamers can pay monthly for as long as they wish and cancel at any time.

Once installed, gamers have access to each-and-every title available on the GameStore with nothing further to pay. The selection of games will range from retro classics to modern favourites, including titles from all the major publishers and constantly updated to offer something fresh.

Games can be freely downloaded to up to three devices per subscription be it phone, tablet or set-top box and the store features an intuitive interface, allowing access to numerous categories for easy selection. Gamers can choose different genres such as retro, VR and latest hits, as well as a selection of titles which can be enjoyed via a controller for when playing on the big screen TV.

A safe place to enjoy games without malware, viruses, in-app adverts or micro-transactions, each title is tested by the snakebyte team prior to adding to the store, guaranteeing a console-like experience when playing on the users’ device. In addition, gamers need not worry about in-app purchases or micro transactions. When gamers play an individual title, they are rewarded with virtual currency funds which can be spent in game any way they wish.

“Mobile gaming has matured in recent years offering gamers a console like experience, but many find the choice overwhelming, and with the quality varying so wildly, a large proportion of gamers are left frustrated with their mobile experience. GameStore provides a risk-free way to enjoy an ever-expanding catalogue of titles, each tested for quality and free from in-app purchases and adverts,” said Nick Repenning, CEO for snakebyte USA. “GameStore will include classics from every genre, and with a wealth of titles available which can be enjoyed on the big screen via a controller, GameStore provides a remarkably cost-effective way to enjoy gaming for a very minimal cost.” 

GameStore will be available to try at the snakebyte booth at E3 2017, located in OFMR 8109, Concourse Hall.

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