Snail Games CEO Integrates Latest Advancements in 3D Virtual Technology into Mobile Entertainment

Founder Shi Hai Launches North American Mobile Gaming
Smartphone Product Expansion at International CES

LOS ANGELES, CA – To succeed in the online gaming industry means constantly adopting cutting-edge technologies, a fact of which Snail Games USA CEO Shi Hai is only too well aware. In 2000, during the Internet’s formative days as a phenomenal environment for online consumer entertainment content, Shi Hai combined his interests in technology, graphic art and gaming to create a 3D gaming environment that reflected his enthusiasm and vision in technology development.

Snail Games CEO Integrates Latest Advancements in 3D Virtual Technology into Mobile Entertainment

One of the earliest pioneers in China to integrate 3D virtual technology in his products, Shi emphasizes innovation in all areas of his business. As a developer, Snail Games has launched numerous 3D online gaming titles across the world, winning renown and popular recognition for its games including Voyage Century, Ministry of War, Age of Wushu and, in a more recent foray into mobile, Taichi Panda. Shi Hai’s vision has been to build new exciting virtual worlds, and to find ways to bridge the gap between reality and entertainment.

After successfully gaining millions of active users worldwide, Shi looked to expand Snail’s innovation into the mobile hardware and telecom market earlier this year. With Shi’s vision for a new type of smartphone/gaming device hybrid, Snail acquired smartphone manufacturer MUCH, and has since produced unique new mobile devices, with popular reception in China.

The culmination of this design revolution is the new smartphone from Snail – the W 3D. In addition to its gamepad-style button and joystick design, the W 3D comes embedded with the latest eye-tracking and glasses-free 3D stereoscopic displays. These special features integrate traditional gaming elements into a fully functioning mobile smartphone. As Shi puts it, “Our goal is to develop hardware and content to support each other, for a better user experience. For mobile phones, we want to combine the freedom of mobile with the feel and control of a gamepad, getting the best of both worlds – online gaming and mobile communication – from a single device, the W 3D.”

Speaking more broadly on the future of Snail’s hardware, Shi explained “I believe in the power of advanced technologies. As an independent game developer, and a mobile company now, we need to keep thinking and creating to stay competitive, not only to please our customers but also to grow and take the lead in the mobile gaming market.”

Shi Hai now plans to bring these innovations to the American mobile gaming market via Snail Games USA, Snail Games’ U.S.-based subsidiary. Snail Games USA will show off the W 3D gaming smartphone as well as other new products at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas.

Shi Hai and Snail Games USA will introduce their groundbreaking product line at the International CES, January 6-9 from Tech East Booth #25602 in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall. The company will also exhibit at CES Unveiled on Sunday, January 4 from 4:00 until 7:00 p.m. at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.

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