Skyline Skaters Huge New Update Details

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher this morning by Tactile Entertainment, the developer announced a huge new update for Skyline Skaters.


Join Matt and the gang today in the biggest update yet to hit the adrenaline-fueled endless runner, Skyline SkatersNow in addition to the normal array of skateboards, Tactile Entertainment has added Kick Scooters to the fray. Try out these awesome Kick Scooters for new cool tricks and moves! Plus, with the new update you can now take your skateboarding crew to San Francisco to skate (or scoot) the Bay Area by night or day. And as if this weren’t enough, Tactile is also introducing a new character today, Ernie, who rebounds like a yo-yo when he falls from a rooftop. All this with new World Leagues to up the competition around the world, new daily events and challenges, enhanced Power-Ups and more are now available in Skyline Skaters with the new update.

A complete list of the new Skyline Skaters features can be found below:

  • Skyline Scooters: Try out the awesome Kick Scooters for your skaters – new cool tricks and moves!
  • San Francisco: New beautiful setting – skate in the bay area at night time or day!
  • World Leagues: Jump on a Kick Scooter to compete against other players around the world. Rise in the ranks and win sweet prizes!
  • New Character: Ernie – rebounds like a yo-yo when falling down a rooftop!
  • Tokens: Collect tokens while skating to unlock new characters, scooters and more!
  • New Daily Events: Complete missions to win prizes on a daily basis!
  • Power-ups: Enhance your power-ups even further! Upgrade to level 12 and become more powerful than ever before!
  • Character level cap raised to 75! 25 more levels mean greater bonuses to obtain!
  • Many tweaks and fixes!

About Skyline Skaters:

In this adrenaline-fueled endless runner, players must avoid police capture and dangerous pitfalls between skyscrapers while trying to collect as many coins and power-ups as they can. Players can choose between five different characters – Matt, Christy, Barry, Mia, Kuro, Pepe, and now Ernie – each with special abilities, such as triple jump, shield, magnet power-up or grinding bonus. Skaters also have a choice of 25 different upgradeable skateboard types, in addition to the new Kick Scooters, that offer various bonuses in terms of score and how many coins can be collected. Special boards also have capabilities to increase the coin collection exponentially when skaters hit a streak of coins in-game, and others reward players based on how many friends they have. Skyline Skaters even has a special night/day cycle, which coincides with real time.

And, here is the trailer:

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Source: Press Release