SKYHILL by Daedalic Now Available for iOS

SKYHILL by Daedalic Now Available for iOS


A secret fourth ending based on a fan idea

Skyhill, the survival rogue-like by Daedalic Entertainment and Mandragora,, is now available for iOS. Apart from carefully revamped controls iPad and iPhone users can look forward to brand new content like a fourth ending completely based on a fan idea.

In tandem with the iOS release, there will be a Skyhill update on GOG and Steam, so PC players can enjoy the new content, too. In addition, a cloud saving system will be integrated so players can enjoy Skyhill on different devices with the same save files. The mobile Android version will soon be released as well.

About Skyhill:
Skyhill is a noir survival roguelike in an apocalyptic setting. Players will walk in the shoes of Perry who survived World War III and now also an atrocious assault with bio-weapons. He survived, because he resided in the penthouse suite of the high class Skyhill Hotel when the world began to change for the worse. Mutants lurk everywhere, eager to rip anyone to shreds with their claws. Scavenging for supplies, Perry has to fight his way through the 100 hazardous floors of the Skyhill Hotel.

Skyhill already won four awards, including “Best Indie Game” and “Best Desktop Game” at DevGamm Minsk 2015 as well as “Best Game Narrative” at IndiePrize CasualConnect Tel-Aviv 2015.

Skyhill Key Features:

  • The only game of its kind: Skyhill is not “just another survival-game”, but gets individuality through its design, artwork and gaming concept
  • The claustrophobic setting of the Skyhill Hotel creates a very special feeling of desperation
  • Interesting and unusual genre-mix (RPG, Point&Click, Survival)
  • Survival aspect: hunger & crafting are central elements, there’s more to this than winning the next fight
  • Different difficulty modes and endings make Skyhill highly replayable

Here is the official Skyhill iOS Release Trailer:

Skyhill is available in the AppStore for $2.99 / € 2,99 as well as for PC on Steam.

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