Sky Wings Launches April 6 for Mobile

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher, developer Woweez Games announced that Sky Wings will release on mobile devies April 6.

In Sky Wings, you take on the role of a daring pilot seeking to fulfill a family legacy by collecting coins and dodging dangerous obstacles. Stormy clouds, immovable trees, sturdy rocks, stubborn shrubs, other airplanes, and beautiful-yet-deadly floating mountains (think Avatar) must be dealt with if you want to become the Ultimate Champion.

Sky Wings Launches April 6 for Mobile

To makes things easier, a number of power-ups are available — such as a jet engine that propels the plane to incredible speeds above the cloud cover. Other power-ups include:

  • a giant magnet that causes coins to attracts coins toward the plane
  • a red coin that doubles all coin pickups for a limited time
  • a score multiplier


  • Fly through a stunning jungle setting
  • Use fun power-ups to even the odds
  • Challenge your friends for the top spot in the rankings
  • Use boosters to break through the cloud cover!
  • Can you collect all of the flight badges?

Here is the official Sky Wings trailer:


Sky Wings will be available from the App Store and Google Play on April 6. The game can be downloaded for free and includes in-app purchases.

Source: Press Release