Skreens Stretch Goal #1 USB Unlocked & Many More Features

Skreens Stretch Goal #1 USB Unlocked & Many More Features

Skreens has announced that they have hit their first stretch goal. Over $350,000 raised for Skreens so far and we still have many days left to go. What this means for you is that all of the Skreens devices will now have fully-integrated support for most USB audio headsets, USB cameras, or even extend this into a full USB hub. The developer is so appreciative of all the supporters who placed their pledge down to make Skreens a reality. They are really confident that they are on track for the big stretch goal for one-button streaming. In fact, there’s news to share there, too.

Skreens has gotten a lot of interest from streamers, gamers, sports fanatics and producers on what Skreens can do for them. But, they have also heard from the commercial side and are blown away by how much technology they are delivering at this price point. One of them toldSkreens that they are spending $5,000 per unit to get similar specs. So what did they do? That’s right — they have committed to purchase a big volume of Skreens units. What does this mean for you? Clearly that’s huge validation but, it also means you’re getting some newfeatures that are going to be ready on day one.

Skreens Stretch Goal #1 USB Unlocked & Many More Features

Multi-channel Audio Mixing Now Included

Skreens promised at TwitchCon that they were working on it, and they are here to deliver. The Nexus Four Pro is going to deliver multi-channel audio mixing! This is up to 5 digital audio feeds — including Dolby 5.1 surround. Control the audio mixing with the Skreens Controller app or through the API if you want, and you’ll get linear PCM 5.1 output. How wild is that? They will leave the “music to my ears” pun out, but you know they thought about it.

Skreens Stretch Goal #1 USB Unlocked & Many More Features

Gigabit Ethernet Now Included 

Right on the Nexus Four Pro will be 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45. Bandwidth-hungry applications — like all those ones that Skreens is made for — can start rejoicing now.

With these additions, the Nexus Four Pro is an even better deal than ever before. No separate capture card, no separate streaming PC, no separate mixer board — all that kit can just move to the side and be replaced by this single device. It’s incredible! We’re stoked, and we hope you’re stoked too.

The developer has got a lot to do to get themselves to our big production run in a couple of months time, so they also wanted to give an update on two things that are coming right after the Kickstarter ends.

Buying Skreens After The Kickstarter

They are going to launch an e-commerce store after the Kickstarter ends, but are not expecting delivery of this next production run of devices until end of 2016. So all of you backers are going to be many months ahead of the masses! But if you know anyone that you think will want Skreens earlier get them in before we close the Kickstarter — they have to lock their production run for the chips at the very beginning of November to get these in your hands for early 2016.

Opening the Skreens Developer Program

Skreens is in progress right now building their developer program, which will give access to API documentation, use cases and open forums for sharing insights, feedback and requests into their engineering team. They will give more information about this program before the Kickstarter ends, and you’ll always be able to find the most up-to-date information on

By the way, Don’t miss Angee!

Skreens is pleased to introduce their Kickstarter partner, Angee, which is an autonomous smart home security system designed to protect your family and your most valuable possessions (like your Skreens). It’s the only smart home security system to provide full perimeter security with a portable 360° rotating camera, plus voice-controlled home connectivity and personal assistance. With Angee and Skreens working together, you can play video games, watch TV, and keep an eye on your sleeping child, all on the device of your choosing!

Skreens is a revolutionary way to experience all of your entertainment. Your gaming console, cable box, Blu-Ray, Roku, PC, Apple TV and anything else you’re switching between — now all of it can come online at once, on one display and all absolutely at your control. So you can finish your work with the game on. Catch the top sports plays while checking in with your fantasy roster. Fire up a web browser without needing a computer. And never take your eyes off what matters most to you.

Skreens has nine days left on Kickstarter so you can still go support it.

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