Skeletomb Heading to Mobile Devices Sep 25

Skeletomb Heading to Mobile Devices Sep 25


Punk Labs announces the release of their new game Skeletomb, a charming blend of dungeon crawler and infinite runner, which they describe as “an oddly addictive, and utterly adorable retro arcade adventure.” In the game players choose from an unlikely assortment of heroes, tapping and swiping their way through worlds filled with traps, pits, environmental hazards, and combative creatures. The further a hero trudges, the greater the damage dealt by their surroundings.

Each playthrough of Skeletomb will be unique as stages are randomly generated. This extends to finding treasures and rescuing new heroes to play as. The artwork and music was meticulously crafted in the style of classic 8-bit adventure games, creating a wonderful sense of nostalgia. Players are invited to take screenshots for use as wallpapers, or capture their untimely demise as sharable four second animated GIFs.

Oren Kurtz, founder of Punk Labs says, “Skeletomb started off as an experiment to see what we could accomplish with just our two person team. We gave ourselves a few months to do everything: design, programming, artwork, music, and testing. I’m extremely proud of what we came up with, and the response from gamers has been phenomenal.”

Take a look at the new screenshots:

Here is the official trailer:

Skeletomb is available for FREE on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Source: Press Release