SimCity – New Classic Offline Mode Pops Up in EA Survey


In accordance with a new EA survey sent to users, SimCity could be getting a Classic Offline mode in the future.

Classic Mode is described as “In offline or online mode, play a single functioning city using cheats and unlocks allowing you to create the perfect city.”

Potential new features will include:

  • Guilds
  • Bus and Street Car Lines
  • Bridge and underpass creator tool
  • Road and city name personalisation
  • One-way roads
  • Shared online events
  • Larger cities
  • A subway system
  • Terraforming
  • Co-op mode
  • Import The Sims
  • Military complex management
  • Crime syndicate management
  • A monorail
  • Cultural additions such as new museums

What are your thoughts about offline play for SimCity?