SimCity – Launch Park Explained

There has been some confusion with the Launch Park which came with SimCity’s Update 4.0 yesterday.

In accordance with the official SimCity blog, the Launch Park is clarified below:

  • The park is something you will keep, it isn’t limited use and if you can see it now in one of your cities on one of the servers you will be able to place it in any of your cities on any of the servers in future.

  • The Launch Park is available to anyone who activated SimCity on Origin for a limited time (this is still active to new players registering their SimCity on Origin now), there was no requirement to pre-order.

  • If you activated SimCity on Origin before the cut off date and you can not see the Launch Park in game then please contact EA Support at

  • The park launches different shaped hot air balloons over your city, there are numerous shaped balloons to see including a Llama, Turtle and Heart to name just three of them.

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