SimCity BuildIt Adds Lakes, Rivers, and Forests

SimCity BuildIt Adds Lakes, Rivers, and Forests

Now Mayors Can Build Greener Cityscapes with New Landscape Tiles

It’s time for Mayors to ready their cities, as the latest update to SimCity BuildIt introduces highly-anticipated landscape customization options, alongside new Contest of Mayors Seasons and a special Halloween event.

Available now, Mayors can use new pond, lake and forest landscape tiles to build beautiful, green cities in tune with nature. Place one tile to create a pond, lake or small wooded area, or place the tiles side by side to create long winding rivers, great lakes, and lush forests rife with Aspen, Pine and Acacia trees.

But that’s not all, beginning tomorrow, October 5th, Mayors ranked three and above can also look forward kicking off the new Contest of Mayors Seasons. Players complete challenges and climb up the leaderboards during an eight-week season that promises an assortment of exclusive, limited-time only rewards, including an Old Town Stronghold, a City Fortress, a Citadel of Contess, and more!

Lastly, Mayors can look forward to spooking their citizens with a new Halloween-themed collection rolling out this Fall. Starting Thursday, October 16th, SimCity BuildIt will begin rolling-out six new seasonal buildings and decorations, including a Graveyard, Scary Carousel and Mansion of Horror, for Mayors to enjoy.

SimCity BuildIt and the new Lakes & Rivers update is available today on the App Store (SM), and  Google Play as a free*download. For more information about SimCity BuildIt,  visit


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