Siegecraft Commander Heading to Xbox One and PC in Q2 2016

Siegecraft Commander Heading to Xbox One and PC in Q2 2016

SYDNEY- Siegecraft Commander will arrive in Q2 2016 when Blowfish Studios releases their action strategy hybrid for Xbox One and Windows.

Players select between tactical turn-based or action-packed RTS gameplay before each PvP match, while single-player focuses on real-time play. Siegecraft Commander will offer cross-platform support, allowing Windows and Xbox One gamers to face off against each other.

In Siegecraft Commander, players begin with a single tower known as the Keep, the starting point for all attacks and exploration.  Much like the goal of taking the opponent’s king in a game of chess, Siegecraft Commander‘s objective is destroy your opponent’s Keep while protecting your own.  If a player’s Keep is demolished, the opposing player or A.I. controlled faction wins.

A keep can be fortified by building a base, consisting of multiple towers and walls, around it.  Likewise, opposing factions’ keeps can be attacked by expanding a player-controlled base until the enemy’s headquarters is in striking distance.

New towers are erected by first selecting an already existing structure, then selecting the new tower to construct.  Next, players choose a direction to shoot the new building’s seed from the top of their existing tower and, like shooting a bow and arrow, pull back to determine how far away the new structure is built. Upon the seed’s landing, the new building is raised with a wall connecting it to the previously existing structure. This wall is vital to Siegecraft, as a building will be destroyed if there is no wall connecting it to its parent tower.

There are many building options, with each tower having their own offensive or defensive capabilities. Offensive towers can provide focused attacks or even supply foot soldiers to the field. Defensive towers attack pre-determined units that come close to them.

Siegecraft Commander Heading to Xbox One and PC in Q2 2016

Most structures allow for the production of other buildings. In some cases, towers require the control of resources to be built, either gold or crystal. Gaining access to these resources can be obtained by building a structure within the resource’s vicinity.

“By removing the reliance of unit micromanagement and allowing multiplayer gameplay to be either turn-based or real-time, Siegecraft Commander will provide a rich tactical experience with broad appeal to every gamer who enjoys strategy,” said Benjamin Lee, CEO of Blowfish Studios.

Take a look at the Siegecraft Commander gameplay introduction video:

Siegecraft Commander will arrive for Xbox One and PC in Q2 2016.

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