SIEGE HAMMER VR Tower Defense Game Available on Steam Early Access Starting Today

SIEGE HAMMER VR Tower Defense Game Available on Steam Early Access Starting Today

Until now, tower defense games were built with a PC or mobile mindset, not addressing the immersive nature of VR or its unique challenges

SAN FRANCISCO [VRDC2016] — November 2, 2016 — Virtual Reality company and development studio MyDream Interactive, Inc., today announced the early access release of its tower defense game in VR, Siege Hammer. The game is available on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive through the Oculus store. Tower defense and its variants are a top genre for PC and mobile gaming, but until now were never built with VR in mind. The MyDream Interactive team brought decades of game design experience into addressing VR’s unique challenges and immersive nature, creating a new style of play striking a balance between calm and exhilarating in the world of Siege Hammer.

Siege Hammer is the perfect virtual reality game for players of all ages and levels,” said Andrew Leker, the game’s designer and COO of MyDream Interactive. “It’s a whole new way to think about play in VR, combining the strategy of building defenses with the intensity of first-person attack. We’re thrilled to be offering more than fifteen hours of playtime at launch, which will be greatly expanded with the upcoming additions.”

Players take on the role of Blip, a tiny armor-clad hero, whose mission is to to defend castle realms using his mighty Siege Hammer. The game combines some of the most familiar features of tower defense, including waves of enemies and buildable defenses; however, Siege Hammer extends the genre with innovative look-to-shoot functionality, resource collecting, and a rail-based movement system that delivers a blend of cinematic vistas and in-your-face, point-blank action.

The Samsung GearVR version of this game is slated for release in December. Subsequent releases will allow the player to engage the immersive world of Siege Hammer with additional content, a larger storyline, and multiplayer collaboration.

Watch the official Siege Hammer Trailer:

Siege Hammer is an early-access game, available on Steam for two weeks at a launch sale price of $9.99, and will be priced at $14.99 throughout the early access period. For more information, please go to: The full version is expected to hit market in Q1 of 2017.