Side-Scrolling Pixel Heroine and Gunslinger Announced by BrightLocker

Side-Scrolling Pixel Heroine and Gunslinger Announced by BrightLocker

Heroine Dungeon Crawler Idea One of Two Games Selected to Be Made After First-Ever Full Voting Cycle on BrightLocker


Austin, Texas – After weeks of voting and more than one million votes cast, crowdpublishing platform BrightLocker revealed the winner of the platform’s first voting cycle today, and also revealed that a second game from Season 1’s Grand Finals will be developed as well. Side Scrolling Pixel Heroine, is the winner of the first-ever round of voting on the crowdpublishing platform.  The game is a retro-styled dungeon crawler, where players take on the role of a reluctant heroine to face a world filled with bandits, dragons, and other shadowy characters in a desperate search to save her prince while uncovering the reason behind his disappearance.

“We spent weeks reviewing the finalists with our veteran panel of game advisors and ultimately decided on Side-Scrolling Pixel Heroine because of the whimsical play potential and role-reversal theme,” said Ruben Cortez, CEO, BrightLocker. “We want to make a game that’s driven both by a fun and entertaining storyline and of course provides gamers with a lot re-playable content.”

In a surprise announcement, BrightLocker is also choosing a second game from Season 1 to greenlight for development. Gunslinger is a location-based augmented-reality (AR) mobile shooter set in the modern world but with a fantastical blend of wild west themes and characters. You play against real world opponents and a diversified mix of non-player characters to gain points and unique weapons while jockeying on the leaderboards for global status as the fastest draw in the west!

The selection of Side-Scrolling Pixel Heroine (working title) and Gunslinger comes after a weeks-long process, which saw more than 1.1 million votes cast by BrightLocker users.  In all, more than 200 game ideas were submitted for consideration by our community.

Gamers will soon be able to follow and contribute to both games as they move to the platform’s Make stage. In the meantime, gamers can work to find the next crowdpublished idea by participating in Season Two, live now at .

Here are a few of the veteran game creators on the BrightLocker advisory panel:

Starr Long is a 24-year veteran of the game industry, and Executive Producer at Portalarium, where he leads the Shroud of the Avatar development team. Shroud of the Avatar is one of the most successfully crowdfunded games of all time. Starr was the Project Director for Ultima Online, the game credited with creating the Massively Online Game industry.

Erik Bethke is a 22-year veteran of the game industry, founder and CEO of three game studios: Taldren (Starfleet Command series of games), GoPets Ltd (GoPets) and Bee Cave Games (social casino).  His focus has been on online multiplayer games from the start of his career and successfully exited GoPets to Zynga in early 2009.

Greg Short is the co-founder, former CEO, and member of BOD for EEDAR, a world leading data services and consulting firm for the video game industry.

BrightLocker created an entertaining way for players to take part in game creation and development, making the entire process fun, interactive and engaging. With BrightLocker, players can submit their own ideas and through community voting, possibly have them turned into playable videogames.

About BrightLocker

Based in Austin, Texas, BrightLocker is a revolutionary crowdpublishing platform that uses the power of the crowd to allow gamers to turn their game ideas into reality. Led by an executive team with experience from major industry players including, Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Sony and BioWare, BrightLocker lets gamers imagine, choose, create, play and even earn money throughout a game’s development process. “Imagine, Choose, Make, Play, Earn”