Shutshimi is Now Available on Wii U


Shutshimi is Now Available on Wii U

Choice Provisions—formerly known as Gaijin Games, makers of the BIT.TRIP series—is excited to announce that Shutshimi is available now in the North American Wii U eShop.

Shutshimi is a randomized shoot ‘em up with a pretty major curveball: each round in the game lasts only ten seconds. Between rounds, players are booted to the in-game shop, where they have equally little time to choose a weapon or power-up. It’s as crazy as it sounds.

Shutshimi also features four-player local co-op, which supports the Wii U Gamepad, Wiimote, the Wii U Pro Controller, and the Wii Classic Controller. The developer wanted to support the Wii Balance Board, but the stars never quite aligned. Maybe next time.

Here is the official Shutshimi trailer:

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