Shovel Knight New Update 1.0C Notes

Developer Yacht Club Games has released the first Update notes for Shovel Knight on Steam.

Shovel Knight New Update 1.0C Notes

Take a look at the new Update 1.0C details below:

  • Now you can save to the cloud! Steam saving error should no longer display. All of your current progress will transfer over on next game start. 
  • No Feat should go unnoticed! Added an option to the Feats menu which allows you to sync previously unlocked Feats to your Steam Achievements with the F4 key.
  • Additional controller support. Thank you to everyone who submitted their devices!
  • Direction inputs can be bound to multiple buttons. Just press more than one input at once. Intended for players who wanted to map Shovel Drop to its own button.
  • Removed an “empty” Song Scroll from Clockwork Tower which could never be collected or turned in.
  • Fix: The following Feats not unlocking in Steam Achievements: “I’m Alive”, “Hurry Up”, “Untouched”, and “Shovel Economy”
  • Fix: “Halfway” Feat unlocking when re-clearing a stage.
  • Fix: Black Knight ignores damage during Plains intro. For some players, there was a small window of opportunity to Ground Spark which could cause Black Knight to go off script.
  • Fix: Sparker Feat not unlocking when defeating Black Knight

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Source: Steam