Shoppe Keep Latest Update Includes Helper Bots!

Shoppe Keep Latest Update Includes Helper Bots!

Still in Steam Early Access, Shoppe Keep has had a staggering amount of updates and additions and continuing this trend on Friday, March 18th, the new version will be live on Steam.

The list of improvements is too exhaustive for this press update although you can view them on the updated Steam page.

Publisher Excalibur, however, would really like to draw your attention to some of the main and most exciting advances that the developer Strangefire has added.The Helper Bots have received a BIG upgrade!

Shoppe Keep Latest Update Includes Helper Bots!

The MK III Helper Bots have a new silver sheen and can outperform MK II’s by a country mile.

No longer requiring constant refueling, they will withdraw some of your gold reserve each minute depending on their job. The Bot’s logic has also been improved and they can now pick up five items at one time. When restocking, they will no longer only try to restock the top item in their inventory, looping instead through all items to restock them makes them far more efficient.

Finally, when landing on their dock, they will even make sure they are facing in the right direction so as not to spoil the shop’s aesthetics. A whiff of Selfridges in a medieval fantasy adventure!

Check out the Shoppe Keep new Bots in action in this brand new video:

You can download Shoppe Keep for PC on Steam for $7.99.

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