SHARK POOL Arcade Raft-Eating Mobile Game Coming to iOS Oct. 26

SHARK POOL Arcade Raft-Eating Mobile Game Coming to iOS Oct. 26

To celebrate Halloween, Shark Pool will hit the App Store and Google Play in full undead garb. You can also toggle back and forth between Halloween and “default” modes in the Settings menu

In Shark Pool, players will take control of a shark who must defend its home from the greatest threat imaginable: sunbathers.

Meet Shark Zuckerberg: gregarious, intellectual … and also a Great White that’s out for blood! Zuckerberg has made his home in a cave off pristine ocean waters, but he’s suddenly faced with a thorny problem. It turns out that humans of the “previously alive” variety *also* like the location – and having built a swimming pool, are floating about … uninvited.

To defend Zuckerberg’s home against those fleshy invaders, you’ll not only have to aim the Great White at the enemy but also *calculate which path will incur the most damage!* Projectiles will then bounce from foe to foe … and won’t stop until they’re out of bounds! With enemies coming from all sides (and moving inward toward the cave), you’ll need to have perfect aim to take down as many sunbathers as possible in one go.

As you progress, you’ll earn multiplying power-ups that will unleash a multitude of fellow sharks (or Zuckerberg doppelgangers!) on those pesky humans.

SHARK POOL Arcade Raft-Eating Mobile Game Coming to iOS Oct. 26

Remember Shark Zuckerberg’s motto: Take down the human scourge … or die trying!


  • Take control of an adorable (yet terrifying) bouncing shark and chomp down uninvited visitors
  • Experience fast-paced arcade-style gameplay with intuitive bounce mechanics
  • Rack up huge high scores to make your mark on the leaderboards
  • Earn achievements by completing additional challenges in every playthrough
  • Enjoy humorous, vibrant 2D graphics


  • Get into the Halloween spirit: Classic horror monsters and objects
  • Different Halloween themes: Enjoy various themed pool designs as you increase your score
  • Cobwebs and skulls galore: Now with themed menus and spooky notifications
  • Eerie sounds: Fend off a groaning zombie, wailing ghost, howling werewolf, and more!
  • Switch between versions: Toggle between the Halloween and standard versions easily!

Check Out the Shark Pool Mobile Trailer:

Shark Pool will be available as a free-to-play app October 26 on iOS, Android, and Apple TV. Players can choose to purchase 5 additional lives for $.99 and can play ad-free for only $2.99.