SEVEN GUARDIANS Hit Side-Scrolling RPG Receives Huge Update on Mobile

SEVEN GUARDIANS Hit Side-Scrolling RPG Receives Huge Update on Mobile

Leading Mobile Game Publisher Greatly Expands Popular Side-Scrolling, Strategy RPG with Massive New Chapter Update as well as Christmas and 200 Day Anniversary Event

Seoul Dec. 19, 2016 – Just in time for Christmas leading mobile game publisher Four Thirty Three Inc. is giving side-scrolling defense strategy mobile role-playing game (RPG) Seven Guardians a significant content update that adds all-new gameplay chapters, as well as new characters and events.  Seven Guardian’s new “Special Chapter” and “Christmas + 200 Day Anniversary” (a limited time special holiday-themed event) is now live for iOS and Android gamers worldwide.

The legendary Morrighan, Macha, and Neamhain join the final resistance in the all-new “Special Chapter” update as players strategically utilize the skills of each of the spirited heroes to conquer each of their dreadful enemies, with the help of Ancient Gods, empowered tanks, and collectible and crafted armor and gear.

“With the latest content update, we expanded the game experience for players in a non-conventional way, giving players freedom to take whatever path they want in their journey,” said Taehwan So, CCO of Four Thirty Three Inc. “We’re dedicated to constantly taking new risks, updating and expanding the world of  games like Seven Guardians even further to provide a more enjoyable experience for its users. We can’t wait for gamers to see how this will shape up in some of our upcoming games like INTERPLANET, Arrow 2 and MAFIA.”

Seven Guardians rapidly developed a massive user base following its initial release, becoming an instant classic in the eyes of gamers worldwide.  Developed by Bulky Tree, Seven Guardians returns players to the story of seven uniquely skilled heroes that are the last surviving heroes of a land being ravished by villainous Undead enemies.

In the new content update, live today, players old and new will:

  • Unlock the game’s “Special Chapter”: Clear Stage 3-30 on the World Map to unlock the Special Chapter, which allows players to challenge any stage regardless of the chapter order for free if previously cleared or with a ‘Special Chapter Ticket’ for uncompleted stages (Special Chapter will reset each week for multiple paythroughs);
  • Command Three New Legendary Heroes: Obtain the spear-wielding, crow-master Morrighan; quick footed, Golem class hero Macha; and the magic wielding Neamhain from the Auction House;
  • Dominate the Battlefield: Summon all three heroes to the battlefield for a power boost to dominate the undead enemies;
  • Christmas + 200 Day Anniversary Event: Log into the game each day for exclusive rewards, such as a Five Star Rune Box, Rare Orb, and a Six Star Hero Summoning Stone (available Dec. 18 to Dec. 25).

Seven Guardians is now available for free to download on iOS and Android devices worldwide.

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