See Soul Sacrifice Delta New Screenshots, Legs Turning Into Wings

Sony and Comcept have released numerous new screenshots for Soul Sacrifice Delta, which feature new opponent Chimera as well as a Black Rite that turns legs into wings.

Seen in the screenshots below, is the new opponent Chimera, which is a hulking brute with armor resembling a lion’s head, a goat’s head mace as well as a snake shield. There are also fire-breathing lizardmen that can be seen.

The new Black Rite power in Soul Sacrifice Delta allows players to give up their legs for wings, but while the player can fly around at fast speed, a movement penalty will be experienced once the spell expires.

In addition, the leader of the Grimm faction Tali has been confirmed as an ally who will fight alongside players in battle.

You can view the numerous new Soul Sacrifice Delta screenshots below:

You can also view the Soul Sacrifice Delta video that features Red Riding Hood as well as a 28-minute gameplay video.

Soul Sacrifice Delta is scheduled to release March 6 in Japan on PS Vita.

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Source: Siliconera