See Footage of Lost WiiWare Title Bonk: Brink Of Extinction

Nintendo Life featured gameplay footage from a lost WiiWare title, Bonk: Brink of Extinction.

See Footage of Lost WiiWare Title Bonk Brink Of Extinction

In addition, there is a confirmation from Nintendo Life reader and hardware collector Thomas Andrews that Brink of Extinction was indeed ready for release. He set Nintendo Life footage of the game running on a PS3 development kit which used to be the property of Pi Studios, as well as this short explanation:

I have a PS3 developer unit FROM the owners of Pi Studios. The only game that was on it was Bonk: Brink of Extinction. Analyzing the dates and the name of the package, the game was READY to launch. The last edit date was over a year before the game was to be released. There was planned to be 3 DLCs, none of which added to the story; appear to be multiplayer games.”

Take a look below:

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Source: Nintendo Life