Scourge Outbreak – The Scourge Project VS. Scourge Outbreak Message to Gaming Community

Tragnarion Studios has released a message to the gaming community explaining the major differences between The Scourge Project and Scourge Outbreak.

Below you will find the major differences between the original game and the new Scourge Outbreak:

  • Added a totally new Tutorial level at the start of the game to better explain gameplay mechanics and establish key plot points which were fuzzy before, as well as created new cutscenes and added new dialogue for a much improved plot narrative throughout
  • Checkpoints which weren’t fun were cut, and others which were under-used had action added to them to squeeze in a lot more gameplay than they offered before. The gameplay in almost every checkpoint has been revised and re-balanced to make it more challenging while at the same time more fair
  • Re-vamped Friendly and enemy AI, improving combat behavior, path-finding, and fixing a lot of bugs.
  • Overhauled the weapons handling, added new weapon variants and made gunplay far more responsive and gratifying with better hit feedback, stumble/death animations, etc.
  • Made cover much easier and faster to use and added a ‘Cover Slip’ action
  • Adjusted Player movement speeds and added a (much needed) Roll action
  • Vastly improved gameplay fluidity, making all actions faster, smoother and far more responsive
  • Added unlockable Perks to the XP system, so gaining XP Ranks is now much more meaningful
  • Using new functionality in Unreal Engine 3, we totally re-did the lighting in the entire game, resulting in far more vibrant and varied environments
  • Created a lot more landmarks and cool background vistas to aid navigation and add more depth to the world
  • Revised the look of several playable characters and added a bunch of brand new enemies
  • Completely changed our approach our PvP modes, replacing all the original maps with new ones to emphasize a smaller, more intimate and intense 4v4 squad combat experience. Now 4 friends who have played the campaign in co-op can also be a full team in PvP modes, without having to rely on strangers to win

You can view the full message in PDF format here.

We are looking forward to playing this game when it releases this summer, are you?