Scourge Outbreak – New Mass Dossier File Video

Tragnarion Studios just released a cool new video with rocking music for Scourge Outbreak –  ‘Mass Dossier File.’

James Robert ‘Mass’ Lang is originally from Glasgow, Scotland and is a former British military tough guy turned mercenary.

Here is what we know about him so far:

  • He made a promise to a mysterious and beautiful woman which could put Echo Squad including himself in harm’s way
  • He is an extremely hard hitter
  • His strength makes him easy to control with high-recoil weapons
  • His Ambrosia Suit has two special abilities:
  1. His dynamic shield moves with him, absorbing incoming fire as he charges forward
  2. Once in close range, his static shock delivers a devastating blast of energy to everything and everyone around him

Lets continue to follow his story, to see if he is able to keep his promise without harming Echo squad or himself!

You can view the cool video below:

Did you notice the very last second of the video, where someone is crawling on the ground (possibly Mass?) and is confronted by a standing soldier?

In case you missed it, check out Scourge Outbreak ‘Who’s Your Favorite‘ posting and while you are at it, head on over to the game’s official  FaceBook page.

What did you think?