Scourge Outbreak – New 3D Environment ‘Blockade’

Tragnarion Studios just released another new Scourge Outbreak 3D environment zone ‘Blockade.’

In the words of an escaped Nogari scientist, “Nogari personnel working with the Ambrosia plant incubators always have Haz-Mat Troopers looking over their shoulders; not for if a contamination occurred, but for when it occurred. Dr Pirisino once joked in Ayumu’s presence that if we had one of those ‘X days accident free’, we’d never get past day 1. Apparently the next day, Pirisino ‘volunteered’ for Vat clean-up duty and had an… accident.”

You can view the Blockade 3D environment here and while you’re at it, check out Scourge Outbreak’s Facebook page.

In case you missed it, you can view the ‘Refinement Facility’ 3D environment here.

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