Scourge Outbreak – Latest STONEWALL’S Dossier File Video

Tragnarion Studios has released a cool new video for its Scourge Outbreak ‘STONEWALL’S Dossier File.’

Here are some of Major Victor Dantrix, a.k.a. Stonewall’s main features, which help keep his Echo Squad team members safer:

  • Disgraced former US Army Ranger, ordered to be executed
  • Echo Squad must succeed in order to clear his name
  • He can take a beating as well as dish one out
  • His balance of recoil control and accuracy make the assault rifle his weapon of choice
  • His Ambrosia Suit has special abilities – his static shield provides protection for his team
  • His static shockwave intercepts enemies before they can close up on him

You can check out the latest video below:

You can also check out more information on Scourge Outbreak’s FaceBook page.

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