Scourge Outbreak – Halloween Giveaway

Tragnarion Studios is holding a great Scourge Outbreak giveaway, just in time for Halloween.


Here are the details taken directly from the FaceBook page:

This Halloween we’re giving away 100 download codes for Scourge: Outbreak’s recently released ‘BLINDSIDE’ Multiplayer Map Pack! To win a code, just go to Scourge: Outbreak’s Facebook page and post a photo of yourself in your costume while holding something with ‘SCOURGE: OUTBREAK’ written on it. First come, first served! Tragnarion will also vote on the 10 best costumes, each of which will win an additional 4 codes for the FULL GAME, so you can enjoy awesome Co-op and Multiplayer action with your friends! Post your photos anytime before 23:59 Sunday 3rd November and we’ll send out the codes the following week! Remember to check your ‘Other’ message inbox!

You can find out all about the new Blindside DLC here.

Let us know if you’ll be entering – we cannot wait to see the photos!