Scourge: Outbreak: AMP’S Dossier File Video

In closing off Tragnarion Studios’ Amp Week for Scourge Outbreak, the Studio released a new Amp gameplay video.

Here is what we know about Tasya ‘AMP’ Semivolkova:

  • She is a New York native of Russian descent
  • From Bounty Hunter to Bodyguard, Fugitive to Mercenary, her dark side has made her face death several times
  • Only Nogari holds the key to saving Amp
  • Amp is better at handling recoil type weapons and can sprint further than some members of Echo Squad
  • Her Ambrosia suit has two special abilities: her large dynamic shield protects Echo Squad while advancing further and it’s essential for full frontal attacks
  • Amp’s dynamic shock wave has a longer effective range and is excellent at killing enemies behind cover

 You can watch Amp’s gameplay video below:

 In case you missed it, check out Amp’s dossier file and if you haven’t done so already, head on over to Scourge Outbreak’s  Facebook page.

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