Scourge Outbreak – 1st Gameplay Video ‘Shade’

Tragnarion Studios has released its first Scourge Outbreak gameplay video ‘Shade’ and it’s full of action.

The video showcases one of their main characters, Ramiro Cortez, a.k.a., Shade, an Argentinian assassin with a dark soul and an obsession.

Here are some of Shade’s main features:

  • His accuracy is unmatched in Echo Squad
  • He’s got the fastest and new weapon switching¬†
  • He sprints longer than others
  • His stamina recharges faster
  • His Ambrosia Suit has special abilities – once deployed, his static shield remains stationary and stops enemy fire while he lines up precise, long-range shots¬†
  • His dynamic shockwave intercepts enemies before they can close up on him

You can check out the cool gameplay video below:

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You can also check out more information on Scourge Outbreak’s FaceBook page.

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