Scopely Celebrates YAHTZEE with Buddies 1 Year Anniversary

Scopely Celebrates YAHTZEE with Buddies 1 Year Anniversary

Scopely Shakes Things Up with Special Edition Birthday Dice

LOS ANGELESScopely, the leading touchscreen entertainment network, and global company Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS), are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the hit mobile game, YAHTZEE With Buddies. To celebrate one year of shaking, scoring and shouting, Scopely is releasing special content for YAHTZEE’s dedicated community. All players who complete a YAHTZEE Buddy Match will get a slice of cake in the form of special edition Birthday Cake Custom Dice.

Scopely has also created a YAHTZEE With Buddies infographic highlighting the vast number of rolls, high scores, and games played in the year since the game rolled on to the Apple App Store in April 2015. Across the iOS and Android apps, players have enjoyed more than:

  • 1.2 billion games

  • 50 billion total rolls

  • 581 million YAHTZEEs rolled

  • The highest possible score of 880 (a perfect game) still proves elusive for most, but has been achieved by 108 highly skilled players

Scopely Celebrates YAHTZEE with Buddies 1 Year Anniversary

YAHTZEE With Buddies is all about bringing people together for some friendly competition, and we’re thrilled to connect so many friends and family around the world with this game. We’ve been blown away by the number of fans who love the game and play it all day long,” said Tim O’Brien, Chief Revenue Officer of Scopely.

YAHTZEE With Buddies, the officially-licensed mobile game, takes the unpredictable, addictive play of the beloved YAHTZEE game and makes it mobile. With its beautiful and clean new look and captivating graphics, the fully optimized mobile experience stays true to the original feel of the YAHTZEE game with easy-to-learn, intuitive gameplay. Players can go head-to-head with family and friends, test their skills in YAHTZEE tournaments or play on their own for hours of suspenseful dice action.

“We’re thrilled with the overwhelming response the game has received over the past year from both longtime YAHTZEE fans and new players,” said Mark Blecher, senior vice president of business development and digital gaming at Hasbro. “Scopely nailed the competitive spirit of the game and brought it to life on mobile.”

YAHTZEE With Buddies is currently featured in the Google Play store, and is free to download on Android  and iOS.