Sci-Fi Shakespearean Game Project VERONA Announced by Prior Games

Latest Project from Sine Mora Veterans Combines Futuristic Treasure Hunting
and Story-Based Third Person Action

Budapest, Hungary – March 17, 2015 – During the PAX East 2015 show, Prior Games revealed Verona, the studio’s next project – a “value extraction adventure” game.

Sci-Fi Shakespearean Game Project VERONA Announced by Prior Games

Set on a pre-apocalyptic Earth already left behind by the wealthy and the privileged, Verona follows a team of extractors – 22nd century treasure hunters – who secure and transport anything desirable from our dying planet to the colonies, regardless of size. Inspired by the cult television series Firefly and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a third-person action-adventure that keeps on challenging players to ponder the material or emotional value of the riches they find.

“The extraction of valuable assets is key to Verona – the story is shaped not only by the choices you make and your relationship with your fellow crew members, but primarily by the amount of money you make on the various stages,” said Theodore Reiker, CEO of Prior Games. “There is no alien threat in the game and the protagonists’ role is not to save the universe. It’s a tale about greed, cruelty, love, and staying human in an inhuman world.”

Here is the official Verona PAX 2015 teaser trailer:

For more information about Verona and Prior Games, please visit the official homepage.

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