Satellite Rush Sci-Fi Roguelike Shooter Now on Kickstarter

Satellite Rush Sci-Fi Roguelike Shooter Now on Kickstarter

Developer Kimeric Labs from Brazil has placed its Steamlit Sci-Fi roguelike shooter, Satellite Rush, on Kickstarter.

Satellite Rush is a top-down shooter with pixel art graphics, randomized levels and roguelike elements. It is one part Super Smash TV, one part Binding of Isaac (Asimov?), four parts Douglas Adams, shaken – not stirred. Serve with a sci-fi imaginarium garnish. Take control of an abducted office worker and blast through Satellite Moebius, an intergalactic space arena filled with vicious aliens, robots programmed to clean (or kill), and a (not always so) cheery audience.


The game started as a small project made for fun. With time, the team saw its potential and decided to make it Kimeric Labs’ first big project. Since then, it was approved on Steam Greenlight and an Early Access version is on its way.


  • Exotic species from all over the galaxy for you to shoot at;
  • An arsenal of exciting guns for you to shoot them with (and still die);
  • Please the audience to get rewards like the little monkey you are;
  • Randomized levels, because no one would pay for the same bloodlust twice;
  • Battle the show’s powerful Champions because you have something to prove;
  • Dedicate your victories to the three big Sponsors to get Upgrades;
  • Unlock even more stuff that can potentially kill! Loads of fun!

Here are the new screenshots:

And, here is the trailer:

About Kimeric Labs:

Kimeric Labs is an independent development studio from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, founded on friendship and fueled by passion. They focus on PC games, and are currently developing their first big game, Satellite Rush.

You can help support Satellite Rush on Kickstarter right now with 27 more days to go.

Source: Press Release