SAN GIORLI Mobile Puzzler Launches Global Open Beta Exclusively on Apple Store

SAN GIORLI Mobile Puzzler Launches Global Open Beta Exclusively on Apple Store

Winner of Tencent’s Project Kepler’s Competition examines conflict between change and tradition

BEIJING – Oct. 12, 2017 – San Giorli, the new puzzle game from graduates of mobile gaming giant Tencent’s Project Kepler, has officially launched its global open beta, exclusively for the Apple Store. Developed by a diverse team of young graduates over the course of just four months, the completely free-to-play puzzle game is set in a beautifully rendered imaginary cyberpunk landscape featuring three unique cities inspired by Eastern cultures. In addition to being downloadable for free, the beta involves no monetization in order to provide players with the best possible gaming experience.

The game takes place in the city of San Giorli, a fictional cyberpunk world at the junction of three galaxies and once the largest transportation and trading center in the universe. The player controls the Captain, a technician who grew up in Old Town San Giorli and is now returning home for the first time in a decade. He finds his childhood hometown has been spoiled and is no longer the beautiful, neon-lit city he remembers. In an effort to restore the lights, the Captain floats through the city, attempting to fix the damage that has been done. Players navigate the Captain through a series of 23 unique physics-based puzzles using thrusters on the craft Rodin to reconnect cables and restore the distinctive neon lights of San Giorli.

Watch the Latest San Giorli Trailer:

San Giorli will be available in 11 languages, and is optimized for iOS 11.

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