Saints Row 4 – Two New DLC’s Available

Two new DLC’s are available on Steam for Volition’s Saints Row 4 – the Commander in Chief Pack and the Volition Comics Pack.










The Commander in Chief pack can be downloaded for $1.99:

You are the Leader of the Free World—so act like it! Defend the Great Nation with the ultimate in patriotic hardware. Blast through the skies with the Screaming Eagle jet, take out all those who hate us for our freedom with the ‘Merica gun, and do it all dressed as the embodiment of the American Dream himself—Uncle Sam!










The Volition Comics Pack can be downloaded for $2.99:

You have the powers of a superhero, now you just need the clothes! Dominate your opponents in the grim metal visage of THE IRON ROGUE or put on the legendary chestplate of the warrior woman QUEEN AMAZONIA.

In case you missed it, you can check out the game’s GATV and Wild West DLC Trailers.