Sachin Tendulkar Enters World of Digital Gaming in SACHIN SAGA

Sachin Tendulkar Enters World of Digital Gaming in SACHIN SAGA

PUNE, India – Mobile phones being treated as a distraction may soon have an exception. Considered one of the greatest cricketers to have played the game, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is now making a foray into the world of digital gaming for the first time through his official game titled Sachin Saga.

The announcement was made by Rajan Navani, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Pune-based JetSynthesys Private Limited in the city today. JetSynthesys’ gaming arm, PlayIzzOn Technologies Pvt. Ltd, is transforming this extraordinary idea into an exciting game destination for the legendary cricketer. The partnership has been initiated in association with Fluence, India’s leading celebrity digital network.

Commenting on his foray into the world of digital gaming, Sachin Tendulkar said,

“It is exciting to have my first digital game being developed. We have partnered with PlayIzzOn to create Sachin Saga, an exclusive gaming experience for all. I am involved with different things and this experience will be something all of us will enjoy together.”

Speaking on the occasion Rajan Navani said,

“We are proud to be collaborating with Sachin Tendulkar to design, develop and distribute the first official game of one of the greatest sportsmen of the century. With a highly-qualified and dedicated team of professionals from India and the US, we are confident of developing this game into a world-class product and doing justice to the legacy Sachin has left behind in the field of cricket.”

“This is about Sachin coming to your home, Sachin coming closer to you through your smart phone. With Sachin Saga one can experience his cricketing journey for the first time in the digital gaming world. You will get to play as Sachin in his favorite 100 matches. This will help you to learn, to think like him. He will be your coach, mentor and guide through the game. As Sachin, you will get to choose your team and play against your friends to win the World Cup. The game is being designed in such a way that it will not only entertain and engage but will also train you to compete at the highest levels in cricket. It will also subtly impart the values on which Sachin stood firmly throughout his career and will be a source of inspiration to every lover of cricket in the world,” he added.

Rishi Negi, Fluence added,

“With Sachin Saga, Fluence has brought together the technological capabilities of PlayIzzOn and the universal appeal of Sachin Tendulkar to create a virtual connection between the Master Blaster and the end-consumer. Further expanding Sachin’s presence in the digital domain, this partnership will be a great way for millions of fans to engage with their hero and walk a mile in his shoes via mobile gaming.”

Here is the official Sachin Saga Trailer:

Sachin Saga will soon be made available on smart phones on Android, iOS, Windows and will also be released on Consoles.