Rule with an Iron Fish Now Available on Steam

Rule with an Iron Fish Now Available on Steam

Award-winning Rule with an Iron Fish has finally arrived on Steam. Go on ludicrous fishing adventures, collect scientifically inaccurate fish, and put up with nonsensical pirates in your quest to become the greatest pirate that ever fished!

Watch your island town grow with inhabitants and features as you progress in your quest to free your sibling from the clutches of the Kraken. Did we mention that there’s a pirate kitten? Oh and you can fish in an active volcano? You can also throw rotten fish at your enemies to keep them at bay. You’ll be immersed in a whimsical and idyllic fishing world as you fish your way to glory!

Rule with an Iron Fish Now Available on Steam

Rule with an Iron Fish Key Features:

  • Beautiful and otherworldly fishing holes: Fishing in a swamp or in the sky is a lot harder than it looks. Trust me.
  • Over 100 scientifically inaccurate fish: This includes passive-aggressive piranhas, pseudocarps, and other hand-drawn fish for your fishing pleasure.
  • Collect several pirate pets: From a kitty with an eyepatch to other pets with piratical dysfunctions!
  • Expand your town: Unlock town features such as the aquarium, farm, restaurant or hacker cave—all while decorating your house with ridiculous trophies.
  • Comedic dialogue: There’s never a dull moment with this island’s inhabitants!
  • Revamped for Steam: We packed a cat bobber and extra fishy content into the reworked Steam version! Play the game—now perfected into a landscape format—with your mouse and keyboard.

“We just felt that a world in which a game existed with a really tenuous reason for having an upside-down catfish in it would be a better world.”
— The team at Kestrel Games

Watch the Rule with an Iron Fish Trailer:

Rule with an Iron Fish is now available for PC on Steam at a discounted price of $8.49.