Rose Racer Inspired by Mario Kart and Toy Story on Kickstarter

Developer Nacelle Games has announced that its Mario Kart and Toy Story inspired game, Rose Racer, is now on Kickstarter.

Rose Racer Inspired by Mario Kart and Toy Story on Kickstarter
Charlotte, NC, April 27th, 2015 – Developer Nacelle Games has released their first Pre-Alpha Demo for their game, Rose Racer.  As a local multiplayer kart racing game, many have compared the gamepla620and music to what they would typically see in one of the acclaimed Mario Kart series games from Nintendo.  The small team behind Rose Racer is lead by a husband and wife team. They were inspired by Mario Kart and Toy Story to create their own game world, where a group of adventure-seeking toys come to life and race through tracks set up throughout the house.

In Rose Racer, players will not only be able to race with each of the 6 unique characters along what will eventually be 6 different tracks, but also be able to learn more about each character through the story mode that will showcase and enlighten the audience to what truly makes each character unique.  From Lucky Goggles, a missing toy, a fashion disaster to secrets from the past…our stories will not fail to entertain!

Currently Rose Racer is in development and will take many more months to be completed.  This is why our team has created a Kickstarter Campaign to fuel the successful completion of Rose Racer.  The team has carefully planned out the remaining work left for Rose Racer, from the budget to time constraints, to Kickstarter fees and Backer Rewards.

Once the project is fully funded, we will be able to complete the remaining 5 tracks, 6 unique stories, one for each character as well as a super fun battle mode!  The team is in place and ready to go, all that is lacking from this game is funding.

Rose Racer is prepped to be a new household name, with amazing characters, a battle mode that is sure to bring out your competitive side as well as beautiful, fun music and intriguing stories that you will be sharing for years to come.

Here is the Steam Greenlight page and you can download the Pre-Alpha Demo.

Source: Press Release